Thursday , March 21 2019

AFIRRD pursuing poverty alleviation in conformity with global SSE/SDGs development Strategy

AFIRRD is a non-government organization that promotes activities that conform to the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE). According to the United Nations Inter-Agency Task Force on Social and Solidarity Economy (TFSSE) …

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AFFIRD Conducts Public Survey on Kampala Flooding to find solution

Kampala's Roads and Communities turn to rivers during rains. Add Your Voice to the Campaign on Flooding in Kampala2

Please take the Survey on Flooding in Kampala In a bid to find lasting solutions to flooding in Kampala in particular and other major towns in the country, Non Governmental …

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Did You Know That?

African Forum for International Relations, AFIRRD - Did You Know That24

Did you know that 1 ton of paper; consumes 17 trees, consumes 3m3 of landfill space, pollutes 75.000 liters of water. How many trees are cut down each year to make …

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Environmental and Climate projects


Discouraging bad practices such as cutting trees for firewood that is destroying our forests Improving awareness to our societies of the dangers poor agricultural practices Discouraging poor waste disposal practices …

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