Thursday , March 21 2019
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African Forum for International Relations in Research and Development (AFIRRD) is a Ugandan NGO, which was established to find solutions to African numerous problems mainly through research. Because of the above reason, the AFIRRD has future plans of opening up coordinating offices in the East African Countries, which is Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi and those that will be admitted to the regional body in the future. Also, on the agenda is establishing affiliations with international community, International NGOs and Organizations like the UN to help us in this global development cause.

AFIRRD believes that local people have the power to find solutions to their own problems. The societies are key and they are the best way to break this cycle of poverty which has kept African societies in suffering for such a long time. As such, the communities must be involved. Our mission is to make them realize this.
AFIRRD is us and everyone in a global setting who has African cause at heart- Poverty alleviation, hunger, gender imbalances and economic hardships.


Increased Agro Production

Better Commercial Practices

Advocating for better commercial practices which would enhance food security and sustainability

Increasing Economic Opportunities

Increasing Economic Opportunities

Increasing economic opportunities through promotion of local innovation and expertise

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